Our novel approach to VPN servers load balancing is responsible for a significant portion of VPN traffic on the Internet today. It applies reinforcement learning algorithms to improve data security while optimizing the hardware infrastructure performance, increasing connection speeds, and significantly reducing bandwidth costs.


Our technology powers leading trading systems in Israel being responsible for data security and enhanced usability. The trading system supported by our technology is in use in all the banks in Israel today.


Focusing on humans as a weak link in security, we provide analyst-driven solutions to eliminate human error in order to decrease breaches in cybersecurity. Our real-time prediction solutions predict human behavior abnormalities to spot malicious use in real time.

Threat Hunting

Our iterative and proactive approach to security helps to predict, target, hunt, and neutralize advanced cyber threats. Our vulnerability scanning and in-depth inspection solutions allow networks and systems being continually monitored and well-protected.

Join our team

The holistic approach of G-100 covers not only the development of cybersecurity solutions for customers, but it is also about ensuring the most efficient working environment for our team members. We believe that technology alone is just a part of success. Therefore, we’re always looking for smart, dedicated, and passionate people to create together a unique human-technology cycle for providing our customers with the most efficient protection of their computer systems.